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BuiltSDK Namespace
Public classBuilt
The Built module acts as the entry point for the SDK.
Public classBuiltAcl
A BuiltACL is used to control which users can access or modify a particular object. Each BuiltObject can have its own BuiltACL . You can grant read and write permissions separately to specific users, to groups of users that belong to roles, or you can grant permissions to "the public" so that, for example, any logged-in user could read a particular object but only a particular set of users could write to that object. To specify an ACL to any user who is not logged into the system, you can use special user uid, "anonymous". Thus using this uid, you can assign permissions to anonymous users.
Public classBuiltAnalytics
The BuiltAnalytics class provides an interface to's analytics backend.
Public classBuiltAnalyticsEvent
Use BuiltAnalytics.Event to trigger a event on
Public classBuiltApplication
The BuiltApplication class provides an interface to's application.
Public classBuiltClass
The BuiltClass class provides an interface to's class.
Public classBuiltConfig
Configurations of BuiltApplication class.
Public classBuiltCore
The Built module acts as the entry point for the SDK.
Public classBuiltDeltaResult
The BuiltDeltaResult is helper class for parsing result of BuiltDelta.
Public classBuiltError
The BuiltError class is abstraction of general exception class.
Public classBuiltEventArgs
The BuiltEventArgs class contain event data, and provides a value to use for events that do not include event data.
Public classBuiltEvents
The BuiltEvents class exposes http events that arises while performing REST request to server.
Public classBuiltExtension
This BuiltExtension allows you to execute extension calls from cloud API.
Public classBuiltFileObject
The BuiltFileObject class describe a structure of file object on
Public classBuiltGroup
A Group is special type of field in Backend. The reason its named such is that its a set of fields grouped together. Each group field has its own schema and can contain sub-groups.
Public classBuiltGroupUpsert
Upsert is a helper module for performing upsert operations on group fields(fields inside a group field).
Public classBuiltGroupMultiple
A Group is special type of field in Backend. The reason its named such is that its a set of fields grouped together. Each group field has its own schema and can contain sub-groups. GroupMultiple should be used when a group field is marked as 'multiple'.
Public classBuiltInstallation
The BuiltInstallation class is useful for creating installation and subscribe/unsubscribe for push notifications against a channel.
Public classBuiltKeyStore
Represents a collection of keys and values.
Public classBuiltLocation
Location represents a geological location.
Public classBuiltObject
The BuiltObject class is useful to create, update and delete built object on the server.
Public classBuiltObjectUpsert
BuiltObject.Upsert is used to upserts the object (Updates the matching object if found on Backend or creates a new object)
Public classBuiltQuery
The BuiltQuery class is useful to define a queries that are used to query BuiltObject instance.
Public classBuiltRole
To create, modify or delete roles on server. Roles are a sort of group containing users and other roles. So instead of giving permission to each user, could instead add those users to and assign permissions to the role. All users in the role would inherit permissions that the role receives.
Public classBuiltServices
This is an implementation of "IBuiltServices" contract, it gives platform specific service details.
Public classBuiltSocketOutput
This is ouput for an API call.
Public classBuiltSyncResult
This class provides information of sync result.
Public classBuiltUpload
The BuiltUpload class is useful to upload files on server.
Public classBuiltUser
This class allows registering user for an application and other features such as logging in and logging out. After the log in, the GetAuthToken() will be given in response. This GetAuthToken() is to be supplied for subsequent requests if the the request is to be identified as being from that user.
Public classSocketEvents
[Only avaliable with realtime plugin]

This defines different types of socket events on which SDK client can listen.

Public delegateBuiltEventsBuiltSyncHandler
Delegate which helps to get response of all classes
Public delegateBuiltEventsHttpEndEventHandler
HttpEnd event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsHttpStartedEventHandler
HttpStarted event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketConnectEventHandler
Socket connect event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketConnectionErrorEventHandler
Socket connection error event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketDisconnectEventHandler
Socket disconnect event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketEventConnectTimeoutHandler
Socket event connect timeout event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketEventErrorEventHandler
Socket event error event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketReconnectEventHandler
Socket re-connect event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketReconnectFailedEventHandler
Socket reconnect failed event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsSocketReConnectionErrorEventHandler
Socket re-connection error event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUploadEndEventHandler
UploadEnd event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUploadStartedEventHandler
UploadStarted event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserActiveEventHandler
UserActive event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserClearSessionEventHandler
UserClearSession event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserDeactiveEventHandler
UserDeactive event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserLoginEventHandler
UserLogin event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserLogoutEventHandler
UserLogout event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserRegisterEventHandler
UserRegister event handler.
Public delegateBuiltEventsUserSaveSessionEventHandler
UserSaveSession event handler.
Public enumerationBuiltAdaptor
Set of avaliable adaptors that can be used.
Public enumerationBuiltCachePolicy
Set of allowed cache policies.
Public enumerationBuiltDeviceType
This defines list of device types.
Public enumerationBuiltLogType
Set an Info log message. In following categories. header, method, url, error, all.
Public enumerationBuiltResponseType
Response type of success query and also response type for error.
Public enumerationBuiltSession
Set of allowed session values.
Public enumerationBuiltSyncStatus
Syncing Status.
Public enumerationBuiltSyncType
Sync Type.
Public enumerationHttpMethods
Http methods.
Public enumerationNetworkStatus
This defines different types of network availability status.
Public enumerationSocketEventsClass
It defines types of socket events for class.
Public enumerationSocketEventsObject
It defines types of socket events for object.
Public enumerationSocketEventsRole
It defines types of socket events for role.
Public enumerationSocketEventsUpload
It defines types of socket events for upload.
Public enumerationSocketEventsUser
It defines types of socket events for user.